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Android Gambling: Ontario Mobile Casino Experience

Toronto Ontario Android Gambling ExperienceOntario is, by far, the most populated of Canada’s 13 provinces, home to 40% of all the nation’s residents. Its culture is as diverse as its landscape, with all manners of entertainment available both on land and online. Gambling is a favorite pastime for many in The Heartland Province, and the mobile realm is giving these players more options than ever before.

Android Gambling Experience

The Android gambling experience may not be all that old—not in terms of the betting world’s long and illustrious history—but it does stretch back nearly a decade now. Android released its first touch-screen smartphone – the HTC Dream – in 2008, sparking what would become an Android gambling revolution.

There are now hundreds of Android powered smartphones and tablets, and each one is capable of playing mobile casino games. Likewise, there are hundreds of online casinos welcoming Android users from Ontario. You could call it a match made in heaven, if you like grossly overused cliches.

Why Android?

Android Casino ExperienceWhy is Android gambling so popular? That’s a good question, but one that can’t be answered in a single statement. Truth be told, it’s a combination of Android’s wide-spread accessibility to consumers, the convenience of mobile gambling, and the superior quality of those games when played on Android devices.

Android has easily cornered the market share in terms of mobile OS popularity, claiming a record 88% in 2016. It’s not that Android is so much better than its leading competitor, Apple iOS. The iPhone and iPad are great products. But they are made by only one company, and the price scale is rather thin.

Android mobile devices are made by a multitude of electronics manufacturers. Samsung is the leader in this category, with other major brands like LG, HTC, and many others following. There are literally hundreds of partners employing the Android OS.

Because of this wide range in competition, Android smartphones and tablets are being built to accommodate anyone and everyone, regardless of their financial status. They come in low-end, mid-range and high-end price brackets; everything from the $50 Blu R1 HD, to the latest $850 Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, and everything in between.

Mobile Convenience

The convenience factor is the number one reason so many are enjoying the Android gambling experience. No longer does one have to travel to a land-based casino to play blackjack, roulette or slot machines. No longer is one confined to their home to play on a desktop or laptop computer.

Android casino games can be played anywhere, anytime. Whenever you have free time to spare, these games are just a finger tap away, whether you have two minutes or two hours to kill.

Seamless Game Play

Years ago, all online casino games were optimized for desktop computers, with mobile access being an after thought. These roles have clearly reversed. Now, the mobile experience outranks all others. Every game is optimized for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, even Blackberry, to ensure seamless, streaming game play.

The transition to a mobile-first focus from casino software companies has ensured that all games offer crisp, HD graphics that are easily discernible on smaller screen sizes. Menus are navigated with more ease than ever before. Slot reels are spun with a simple swipe. Bets are sized with a mere tap. Chips are placed on the virtual table with a sliding finger.

Ontario residents are quickly discovering that the Android gambling experience is the fastest, easiest and most all-round entertaining way to place a bet. And it’s all happening right now at thousands of mobile gambling destinations like Royal Vegas.

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