14 Jul

The Basic Principle of Slot Machine Strategies

Slot machine strategies and the basic principles of winning not losing.

Have you looked up any good slot machine strategies lately? Chances are, you heard that there’s no such thing as an effective strategy for slots. Conversely, you may have read some fantastic theory on how to win. Disregarding the improbable truth to any of those theories, neither has anything to do with the basic principles of a proper slot machine strategy.

What they lack is the most fundamental concept of all. It’s a concept that, despite its simplicity, most slots players never come to understand. A good slot machine strategy will not teach players how to win, but rather how not to lose.

Basic Principle of Slot Machine Strategies

Most slot machine strategies are written on the basis of how we, as players, can increase our odds of winning. In truth, they should be based on the fundamental goal of minimizing losses.

The fact of the matter is that casinos are not in the business of helping their players win money. There is no slot machine on God’s green earth that will pay out more than it takes in. Every machine is programmed to bring in a profit for the casino, not the player. And over time, that’s exactly what they are going to do.

Yes, some players will win. Some will even get lucky enough to win a life-altering amount. But for every dollar those players win, other players will lose that much, and then some, ensuring the manufacturers of the machines, and the casinos that install them, are the real winners.

Three Ways To Minimize Losses

In order to minimize losses and increase the odds of actually winning some money, players must get the highest possible RTP, or return to player. There are three golden rules to follow here:

  1. Play Online Slots Machines

  2. Play Progressive Slot Machines

  3. Play 3 Reel Slots with a Max Bet Advantage

Playing online slot machines will always give you a better RTP. Land-based casino are only required to deliver RTPs of anywhere from 75% to 91% (87.5% being average). Online casinos aren’t bound by the same laws, and are able to provide slots with RTPs of 94% to 98% (96.5% being average).

Progressive slot machines and 3 reel slots that give players an advantage for betting max are the only types where the RTP can fluctuate. All other machines, especially the 5 reel, non-progressive variety, will always pay out at their pre-programmed RTP.

A progressive machine’s RTP will actually rise ever so slightly as the jackpot climbs higher. The worst time to play is shortly after the progressive has been won, when the RTP is at its lowest. When it climbs to 3x its seed or higher, the RTP rises with it, due to the relation between cost of play and the potential payout.

Slot Machine Strategies 3 Reel Advantage Pay Table

3 reel slots only fall under the principle of good slot machine strategies if the paytable increases more than incrementally for a max bet. Examine the sample paytable on the right. Look closely at the highest payout for landing 3 orange spheres.

You’ll notice that a 1 coin bet pays 1,500 coins, a 2 coin bet pays 3,000 coins, and a 3 coin bet pays 5,000 coins. If this paytable rose incrementally, the 3-coin payout would be 4,500. Instead, it pays 5,000 for a max bet, giving the player an advantage—a reason to bet the max 3 coins. Thus, the RTP will be slightly higher for a player who bets max.

By combining these three slot machine strategies, a player can effectively reduce their chance of losing money to the absolute minimum. Like any other slot machine strategy, it’s not going to guarantee a win. But it will increase the longevity of your bankroll, giving you more chances to spin the reels and hopefully become one of the gambling industry’s lucky winners.

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