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Blackjack Tournament Tips: Chip Stack Management

How to manage your chip stack in an online blackjack tournament.

Online Blackjack Tournament TipsBankroll management is the fundamental core of any good gambling strategy. In general, spreading your bankroll over a long period of time is the best method. In blackjack tournaments, however, you may have to deviate from that basic mindset.

A blackjack tournament is unlike traditional blackjack games. On the surface, you are still competing against the dealer, just as you normally would. But in the long run, it’s how well you perform compared to all the other players that matters.

Blackjack Tournament Chip Stack Management

There are various stages to tournament play. In each stage, half of the players are going to be eliminated from the field. How do they determine who moves on, and who doesn’t? That’s simple. The lowest chip stacks are eliminated.

Everyone starts out with the same number of chips. Thus, they key to winning online blackjack tournaments is keeping your chip stack above average in all preliminary stages. To do this, you need to play conservatively. Don’t place large bets, and never take any big risks. Only double down or split if the odds are heavily in your favor to do so.

As the tournament progresses, keep a very close eye on the average chip stack size. This particular statistic should always be visible in the game menu. Look for it early on, and never lose track of it.

If you find your stack falling below the average mark, don’t be too hasty. See how much time you have left before the current round ends. If you have several hands to catch up, avoid risks and play with perfect strategy. There are plenty of strategy charts available online to help you make the best decisions.

Only when time is running out, and you’re below the average stack, should you take risks. If the average stack is $20 higher than yours, increase your bet size to catch up, but don’t deviate from situational strategy. Your odds of winning the hand, and the bet, depend on your ability to keep calm and play with the odds, not against them.

As they say, the best offense is a good defense. Defend your chip stack at all times. Chances are, most of your opponents won’t be so calm under pressure. Taking risks can be rewarding for some, but the majority will fall to the way side on bad decisions.

Other Online Blackjack Tournament Tips

The ultimate goal should not be to win the tournament, but to work your way into the prize bubble. If the top 20 players receive a slice of the prize, that’s where you need to be.

Proper chip stack management will help get you there. Once you’ve made it this far, and you’re guaranteed to win more than the cost of entry, only then should you even consider deviating from perfect strategy.

Consider your position in the tournament. If you rank high on the list of remaining players, keep playing a tight game. Increase your bet size slightly, if you wish, but use that strategy chart religiously.

If you start to fall behind, feel free to test your luck. If a risky moves pays off – and sometimes they do – you’ll be well rewarded for it. If not, you still have the comfort of knowing you’re going to walk away from the online blackjack tournament as a winner.

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