1 Nov

Why Canadians Shouldn’t Play at US Online Casinos

Play it safe at Canada online casinos that don’t accept US players.

There are literally thousands of online casinos on the world wide web. They fall into a variety of categories. You have your white-label variety, which only accept players from countries where they are legally licensed to operate. Then there are the gray-label sites that are thoroughly licensed and regulated, but also accept players from gray-market areas (not expressly legal or illegal). And finally there are the black-hat sites, who accept players from countries where it’s explicitly illegal.

As you may have guessed, all offshore, US-facing online casinos fall into the latter category. The only ones that are legally operating in the US are those located and licensed in the states of Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey. Technically speaking, all others are operating on the black market.

This doesn’t mean that all offshore, US-facing sites are unsafe. However, it does mean that—if they’re regulated anywhere—it’s in a jurisdiction that lacks ethical enforcement. For this reason, we highly encourage all Canadians who gambling online to only play at…

Canada Online Casinos that Don’t Accept Americans

Safer at Canada Online CasinosThere are plenty of Canadian-facing online casinos that are regulated in reputable jurisdictions, like Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Malta and the UK. These regions enforce strict regulatory regimes that require operators to employ upright business practices. Non-compliance comes with stiff penalties, the least of which can be loss of license.

Simply put, these casinos are far less likely to rip players off. Again, not all US online casinos are duplicitous in nature. But the fact that they aren’t legally obligated to be honest and ethical should be enough to give anyone pause, especially when there are better options out there.

Safety of one’s personal identity and financial security isn’t the only potential problem, though. Due to the lack of strict regulation, other problems could arise as well.

Slower Payments & Fewer Options

American online casinos have been stereotyped for paying out slower than other gambling sites. Unfortunately, it’s an issue that has arisen too often to deny. US players have complained of waiting weeks, if not months, for a cashout to arrive. With no authoritative body to complain to, there’s really nothing they can do about it.

The number of eligible payment methods at these websites is often much lower, as well. Since most web wallets don’t cater to Americans, many casinos don’t bother employing them. Canadian online casinos, on the other hand, will supply dozens of convenient ways to move funds in and out of an account.

Is the Software Certified Fair?

Software providers that cater to Americans may not bother to have their software regularly tested and certified for fairness. If the website does boast safe software, who’s to say that the certification is genuine? Again, lack of strict regulatory compliance can raise doubt.

Microgaming’s software is tested every month and certified fair by eCOGRA. Players can view the results of these tests any time, on any Microgaming powered online casino. As you may have guessed, US players are not permitted to play on the Microgaming platform. They aren’t even able to access the free demo versions of the games. Conversely, the majority of Canada online casinos are powered by Microgaming.

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