6 Nov

Fish vs. Whales: Online Casino Promos for Everyone

Are online casino bonuses, promotions and loyalty rewards schemes better for the fish, or for the whales?

For years, casinos have debated what’s better for their bottom line, the fish or the whales? The fish are the most common variety of casual gamblers, spending moderate sums on entertainment. The whales are the high rollers, generally classified as those who drop $300,000 or more in a single session, if not a single wager.

Online Casinos Bonuses better fr fish or whales

We know how much casinos value their whales, comping pretty much anything and everything to get them into the casino. These players can turn a red profit margin to black in an instant, but that street runs both ways. Fish, on the other hand, are the bread and butter of the gambling industry, ensuring the laws of probabilities give the casino their fair share in house wins.

I’m not sure the casino industry would survive without either one of them, but as that debate rages on, I thought it might be more interesting to turn the tables. Rather than asking what casino’s like more, why not ask what type of player is better taken care of in the internet gambling realm?

Online Casino Promos Better for Fish or Whales?

Prior to any research into the matter, the average person would probably say high rollers are treated better. But is that really the case? In the land-based casino realm, it’s not even a question. Fee food, free hotel suites, free transportation to get you there… But online casinos treat every player with bonuses and promotions, not just the ‘elite’ class.

We’ll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each to try and decide who really gets the better deal.

Online Casino Bonuses for Casual Players

Personally, I feel there are a great deal of advantages for casual gamers. Being low-risk bettors, the welcome bonus packages alone are great bargain. Most internet casinos will offer at least a 100% match on the first deposit. Purchasing just $50 in credits will double that to $100.

These players aren’t the type to deposit very often, either. They tend to spend their bankroll more conservatively, making it stretch over a few days, if not a few weeks. By the time they’re ready to deposit again, there should be another deposit bonus ready to claim.

If not, there’s nothing holding this player to a single internet casino. If their bankroll is wiped out, these players can easily sign up an account with a new operator and grab another generous welcome bonus.

Loyalty Rewards for High Rollers

High rollers do get some nice perks. They can take full advantage of any welcome bonus. If it matches 100% up to $1,000, they can easily grab the full $1k bonus, and should have no trouble clearing the wagering requirements before it expires. They’ll also have access to extra benefits, like daily deposit bonuses, accelerated comp point generation, higher comp-to-cash conversion rates, dedicated account reps, and expedited cashouts; maybe even special VIP freeroll tournaments.

These players actually have a bit of leverage to work out their own bonuses and rewards. A player who wagers high enough is an asset to online casinos, and may be able to haggle with their account manager for even larger bonuses, or lower wagering requirements, than normally offered.

On the negative end, a high roller is pretty much bound to one casino website. The more wagers they place, and more loyalty points they generate, the higher their VIP status becomes. But they must maintain that high level of points generation each month to sustain the level. To sign up a new account is to start all over at the bottom loyalty tier.

What Would You Rather Be?

On the one hand, it would be nice to call myself a whale, if only because it would mean I have a whole lot of money in the bank! However, in terms of online casino bonuses and promotions, I don’t feel that casual gamers are being slighted one bit. In reality, online casinos treat all of all players very well.

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