5 Mar

Bankroll Budgeting Tips for Online Casino Games

Five easy ways to make your online casino money last longer.

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Online Casino Money Last LongerI’ve been gambling online for more than a decade now. I’d like to think I’ve learned a lot in that amount of time. Unfortunately, most of it was learned the hard way – by making mistakes. One of the hardest lessons was bankroll budgeting; specifically, learning how to make my money last longer.

I’ve never been one to overextend my budget. I thank my lucky stars that I’ve never slipped into problematic behavior. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t blown through a $100 bankroll in under and hour more times than Farrah Fawcett bought hair spray. Okay, maybe not that many times, but you get the idea…

The problem for me was that, once the bankroll ran dry, I couldn’t play anymore until next payday. Using up all that money so quickly drained the entertainment right out of the experience. Sure that 30-60 minutes was fun, but then it was back to the couch, watching mind-numbing television for the rest of the week. Then I finally got smart.

Make Your Online Casino Money Last Longer

Today, I’ll let you in on five secrets that I’ve discovered along the way. Each one has helped me sustain a bankroll for days at a time; often a full week, with many hours of entertaining game play in the mix. These aren’t difficult things to do, and you can easily incorporate all five of them for maximum bankroll budgeting.

1. Utilize Bonus Promotions & Free Spins

The best way to keep a bankroll stocked is to increase its capacity, without increasing your investment. I’m referring to online casino bonus promotions. They are readily available at almost every gambling website in the world. A 100% match bonus will double your deposit. That $100 investment equates to a $200 bankroll. Free spins bonuses are just as good. 50 free spins is like $50 free credits. With all bonuses, read the terms and follow the rules for max benefits.

2. Pace Yourself

Just because a slot machine offers auto-play, doesn’t mean you should use it. There are many online casino games that offer faster ways to play, but that’s never a good idea. All games come with a negative expected value. A game with a 98% RTP theoretically pays $0.98 for every $1.00 wagered. So the faster you bet, the faster you can expect your balance to run dry. Play slow and enjoy the process.

3. Don’t Spend it All in One Place

If you have $100 to work with, you should not be placing $5 bets at the blackjack tables. If you happen to lose 20 hands in a row, you’re done. Online blackjack can be played for as little as $0.50 a hand at many casinos. Slots offer minimum bets of just a few cents per spin. Keep your bets near to the minimum and switch games often to extend your playing time.

4. Play Casino Games with Strategy

Every casino game in the world can be played with strategy, even slot machines. Yes, I said it – even slot machines! Activating max lines and betting one notch above minimum stake will increase the chances of winning. Stay away from progressives, too, – they have the worst RTPs of all.

Whatever game you play, play it well. Make the right decisions in blackjack for maximum payback potential. Never bet on a Tie in baccarat. Avoid games with a high house edge, like pai gow poker. Study a proper strategy for your game of choice, and stick to it.

5. Quit While You’re Ahead

The absolute best way to make your online casino money last longer is to quit when you’re ahead. This won’t happen on a regular basis, so when it does, recognize it and take a break. I know, it’s hard to stop when you’re winning. Setting goals will help. If you start with $100, and would be happy with a 15% profit, the moment you see your balance rise to $115, call it quits. Your bankroll will thank you for it come Friday!

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