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Track your Gambling Activities for Long-Term Results

Casino Strategies: Understanding the correlation between RTP and short-term, long-term results.

The average gambling enthusiast plays for entertainment purposes only. That’s not a bad thing. In fact, some of the smartest bankroll managers are the players who are only in it for a few hours of good, old-fashioned fun. But for the more serious among us, tracking all gambling activities can be a great casino strategy, and the best educational tool.

Casino Strategies: Balancing Your Bankroll

Casino Strategies Tracking your Bankroll RecordsThink of tracking your gambling sessions as balancing a cheque book. I know, not nearly so many of us carry a cheque book around anymore. But the concept is simple enough. We jot down every deposit we make in the bank, and the amount of every cheque (or debit card purchase) we use. By doing so, we always know exactly how much money we have in the bank, right down to the penny.

You can do the same thing with your casino bankroll. It might sound like a waste of time – after all, we’ll know the moment our stash runs dry. The slot machine tells us we’re out of credits, or we have no chips left for the tables. But it’s not about knowing what you have. It’s about knowing exactly how much you’re winning and losing, and at which games. It’s about making smarter decisions, and learning what areas we might be able to improve in.

Maybe you think your best game is blackjack. You consider yourself to be a highly strategical player, making all the right moves and winning more often for it. On the other hand, you don’t seem to have quite as much luck at baccarat. Well, if you were to track your game play for each session, noting exactly what you’re wagering, and your win/loss ratio, it just might turn out that your blackjack strategy isn’t as effective as you thought.

What To Keep Track Of

To start, you’ll write down the exact amount of your bankroll. From there, segregate your notes by game type. Note how much you’re wagering per bet, the length of each session, and your ending bankroll size. Anytime you add cash to your bankroll, note that as well. These are the most important aspects, but you can take it a few steps further.

You can also write down things like where you’re playing and time of day. Note what you did in the hour or two before you started playing; even your emotional state or level of tiredness before and after a session.

Maybe you had a heavy lunch or dinner before one session, and it made you tired. Another day you might have a light, healthy snack that keeps your mind sharp. Even the slightest patterns can help you make beneficial adjustments over time.

Short-Term vs Long-Term Results

Don’t get excited or depressed if your initial sessions come back with positive or negative results. There’s a huge difference between short-term and long-term results.

A game’s RTP (return to player) is a theoretical concept, reliant upon long-term, mathematical probabilities. Give a roulette wheel 100 spins, and it may land on red 70 times, black 25 times, and green (0) 5 times. Such results defy the game’s RTP, which would call for 49 reds, 49 blacks, and 2 greens. But these are short-term results, where anything can happen.

If you spin the wheel a million times, chances are the results will be dramatically closer to what the RTP calls for. These are long-term results, and much more reliable in determining the success or failure of your casino strategies.

It’s going to take some time to really find out how good of a player you are. But before long, you’ll start to notice the patterns. You’ll discover which games you excel at, and which you may need to adjust your strategy for, or give up playing altogether. Taking notes might seem arduous, but if you’re serious about improving your game, the long-term results can be quite telling.

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