8 Sep

The Long Road to Successfully Creating a New Casino Game

It takes more than a grand idea to create new casino games.

Difficulty of create a new casino gameOkay, so you’ve got this perfect idea for some amazing new casino game. You’re certain people will love it. You’ve worked through the rules to give the casino an edge. There’s no way they can say no. This idea is perfect!

That’s probably the most laughable thought process every new games inventor has been through. If it were so simple to pitch an idea, the fact that over 99% of all ideas are utter failures wouldn’t be so terribly disappointing. But it’s not that easy. Not by a long shot!

Maybe you do have the depressingly illusive perfect idea for a new casino card game. Before you go spouting this concept, let’s take a quick (ha – quick!) look at what it takes to get from point A—coming up with an idea—to point B—watching it gain stardom on a real casino floor.

Steps to Creating a New Casino Game

Assuming you’ve already got the idea down, the very first thing you’ll need to do is hire a games analyst. These are the supremely smart people with sophisticated computer knowledge that can tell you the exact rate of profitability it will have for casinos, based on the rules and payouts. It has to have a house edge that’s beneficial to the operator, but not so beneficial that players avoid it.

If the analyst determines that your game fits into that groove, your next stop will be a patent lawyer. This is the person who you will be able to write up the necessary documents to file for a patent. This preserves the rules of the game, as well as the chosen name, so no one can simply steal your idea.

With that done, you’ll need to create a complete graphic scheme for the game. Unless you’re an amazing artist yourself, you’ll have to hire one for this role too. This person will help create the logo and background for the game. Something super catchy, but not too busy (like casino carpets – ick!) Brand recognition is everything in today’s demanding market, and if you don’t have it… you won’t sell it.

With all this eloquently compiled, you’re now ready to sell your game to a casino. Ask yourself these two questions. Did you graduate college top of your marketing class? And do you have connections in the casino industry? If you can’t answer yes to both, don’t even think about trying this on your own. You’ll need the assistance of an account executive. These people are well versed in marketing new casino games, and will pitch the product in the best possible manner to a multitude of casino heads they’ve already established relationships with.

Once a casino chooses to incorporate your new game, it’s still not ready for the tables. First, it has to be approved by the local regulatory authority. It must to meet all standards of gambling law and fall within their mandated payback percentages. This is not a cheap process by any means. But former US Deputy Attorney General Paul McNutty said it best: “If you think compliance is expensive – try non-compliance!”

Last but not least, there’s one job left, and this is one many new casino game creators do take on themselves. The casino’s dealers have to be trained to present the game. You can hire a professional trainer, or try to do it yourself. Just remember, casino dealers work in three shifts. The trainer must be there at all hours to train them all, in every city where a casino chooses to employ your new game.

Most New Casino Games Still Fail

So much work! And still, 99% of all games will die an unceremonious death somewhere along that path. The analyst could say it’s impossible right off the bat, or you could make it all the way to casinos trial running your game just to have it tossed out due to lack of player interest.

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