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Earn Free Cash with Every Bet at an Online Casino

How online casino comp points work for you.How online casino comp points work

Every casino in the world, online or on land, provides their players with comp points. Comp points are complimentary rewards points that accumulate every time you place a wager. These points can be used in various ways, including being converted to cold hard cash.

In land-based casinos, comp points are only earned when using what’s known as a Players Club Card. Every casino offers one. They may call it a Players Club, Loyalty Club or Rewards Club. Whatever name it goes by, they all work pretty much the same.

How Online Casino Comp Points Work

Online casino comp programs are very similar. You’ll have to join the website’s Loyalty Rewards Program (i.e. players club) to earn the points. Most casinos automatically register members for this program as soon as they sign up for the casino. If not, be sure to opt in. Otherwise, you’re wasting precious points every time you place a bet.

Comps are generally earned as 1 point for every $1 wagered. The actual amount awarded can depend on the type of game being played. Be sure to check the terms of the casino’s loyalty scheme for exact point generation rules.

Slot machines will always accumulate points at a 1-to-1 ratio. Keno and scratch cards are usually the same. Table games and video poker, however, may accumulate at a slower rate, such as 1-to-5, 1-to-10, or more. Generally speaking, the higher a game’s house edge is (harder to win), the more points you get.

Other Ways to Earn Comp Points

Every comp system awards points for making wagers. However, points can also be awarded for other things, like promotions and achievements.

Online casinos will often start a new player out with a nice pile of points as soon as they register an account. Royal Vegas gives all new members 2,500 comps (they call them Rewards Points). The points can be spent in the usual ways, and also help new members climb the VIP ladder more quickly, if they so choose.

Learn more abut the Royal Vegas Loyalty Rewards Program.

Royal Vegas also runs monthly promotions in which active players can earn additional points by spinning a prize wheel. It takes points to earn a spin on the wheel, and can reward even more points as one of the optional prizes.

How to Spend Comp Points

The most useful thing about comp points is that they convert to free cash. The standard conversion rate is $1 per 1,000 points. Most online casinos stipulate a minimum point requirement for cashing in; anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 (value of $1 to $10).

Online casinos may allow players to spend their points in other ways, too. Some can be converted into bonuses with a higher value than straight-up cash. Other sites might allow you to buy real merchandise with them, such as apparel or electronics.

As I mentioned above, points can sometimes be used to participate in special promotions. The monthly promo at Royal Vegas let’s players accumulate the same points to spin a prize wheel. Those points aren’t erased, though. They can still be converted to cash.

Always read over an online casino’s loyalty program terms to see exactly how and when you can earn and use comp points. The more you know, the more beneficial they can be.

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