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5 Easy Gambling Strategies that Work

Gambling strategies that work, and how to use them.

If you scour the web or search your local book store for casino strategies, you’ll find there’s no shortage of them. So-called experts have scripted countless tactful ways to play just about every gambling game in the world, from blackjack and slots, to bingo and national lotteries. But if your looking for gambling strategies that work, you’ll need to do a lot more digging.

The Problem with Most Casino Strategies

Easy Gambling Strategies that WorkThe biggest problem is that all casino strategies are based on a common goal. The mission is not to give the player an advantage over the casino, but rather to reduce the casino’s edge to the absolute minimum. Unfortunately, on most games, the absolute minimum is still substantially higher than what a any smart player would like to contend with.

Another problem lies within the intellectual aptitude of the gambler. Most of the people who’ve published books on casino strategies are mathematical savants, whereas most of their readers are not. Keeping a count of cards in an 8-deck blackjack game isn’t so easy for most of us.

Easy Gambling Strategies that Work

We’re going to take a look at 5 easy gambling strategies that work. They will not give you an edge over the house, but they will provide a very low house edge, and you won’ t have to be a math whiz to use them.

Craps – Set the Point, Take the Odds

In craps, the shooter’s first toss of the dice is the come out roll. You can bet Pass Line or Don’t Pass prior to this. Then, once the Point is set, slide your bet behind the corresponding Pass/Don’t Pass Line and tell the croupier you want to ‘Take the Odds‘. This will establish a bet that carries a 0% house edge (true 50/50 chance to win).

Video Poker – Follow Basic Strategy

For this to work, you must find the right video poker variant with a generous paytable. In land-based casinos, a 9-6 Full Pay Jacks or Better game usually will do. The 9-6 Full Pay means a Full House pays 9x the bet, and a Flush 6x the bet. Use a strategy chart designated specifically for 9-6 Jacks or Better and follow it religiously to achieve a 99.54% return to player (RTP).

Note that for online video poker players, Microgaming’s All Aces Video Poker, with perfect strategy, supports a fantastic 99.92% RTP.

This is considered one of the easiest gambling strategies that work, because you’re playing alone on a machine. Even in a land-based casino, you’ll have no problem using a strategy chart, since there are no other players pressuring you to speed up.

Blackjack – Follow Basic Strategy

Like video poker, blackjack can be played with a basic strategy that defines the best choices to make in any and all situations. In a live setting, you’ll want to memorize a strategy chart so that you’re not slowing down the game. Or, simply play blackjack online and take all the time you want.

Single deck blackjack games tend to have the lowest house edge. For example, Vegas Single Deck Blackjack at Microgaming casino affords a 99.69% house edge with basic strategy applied.

Baccarat – Always Bet on Banker

Most people think that the commission tied to banker bets in Baccarat evens out the chance of winning on a banker or player bet. That’s not necessarily true. Even though banker bets only pay 0.95 to 1, the odds of winning are still higher. The house edge is 1.06%, compared to 1.24% on the player. It’s not the best house edge in the casino, but if you really want to play baccarat, it’s the right way to play.

Tournaments – More Bang for your Buck

If you’re idea of winning isn’t necessarily making money, but getting more entertainment value for your wagering dollar, you should play tournaments. A blackjack, poker or slots tournament will last for a long period of time, and the only bet you place is the entry fee to participate. If it costs $10 to enter a slots tournament, and the game lasts an hour or more, you’ll lose a lot less than you could paying for each spin. Plus, if you get lucky enough, you’ll win a very large sum of cash on top of it.

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