15 Mar

Trials and Tribulations of Discipline in Gambling

More Casino Strategy Tips: A disciplined gambler is a good gambler!

Casino Strategy Tips for Gambling with DisciplinePlaying any casino game with a proper strategy is the best way to meet your gambling goals. Notice I didn’t say “win”? That’s because the purpose of any reliable strategy is not necessarily to make a profit, but to minimize losses and maximize the odds of winning to the highest possible rate.

No strategy will give you a 100+% return rate. Casinos would have gone out of business years ago if that were the case. But it is possible to achieve a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 99.5% or higher. Add in just a dash of luck, and you can make some money with those odds. But only if you keep your wits about you. Let your emotions or strategy waver, and it’s bye-bye bankroll.

Casino Strategy Tips for Unwavering Discipline

This category of strategic advice goes quite a bit deeper than you might think. Of course, deviating from strategy is the number-one disciplinary mistake, but there’s more to it than that. So without further ado, here’s 5 things that will help you sustain the highest RTP while gambling with strategy.

#1 Never Deviate from a Probability-Based Strategy

Choose your strategy wisely, and do not, under any circumstance, deviate from it. It’s very easy to say, “I’m feeling lucky, I’m gonna split these Queens”, even though the dealer is showing an 8. Proper strategies are based on your probability of winning by making a specific decision. Doing anything else results in a lower probability of winning. Don’t do it!

#2 Leave Your Ego at the Door

Never let your ego make decisions for you. Maybe you notice a cute girl watching you. Don’t increase your bet size, or make a stupid decision, to impress her. If she’s eyeing you up, chances are she’s a prostitute anyway. You came here to win, not to make friends. Stay focused on the game and the strategy at hand, nothing more.

#3 Don’t Drink Alcohol

This is the fastest way to wave goodbye to your bankroll. If your head isn’t clear, you’re not going to stay focused. “I’ll just have one beer,” you say. Then a few good hands later, you’re having a great time and ordering another round for the whole table. Which brings us to our next topic…

#4 Emotions Have No Place in the Casino

Never allow your emotions to effect your judgment. Positive or negative, emotions have no place in the casino. Getting overly excited about a streak of good luck will often result in breaking rules #1 and/or #3. Get upset about a run of bad luck, and you’re likely to break rule #5.

#5 Don’t Go Back for More Money

You had a bad day. You’re bankroll is all gone. It’s okay – it happens. Never, ever, go to the ATM machine for more money. The cash in your starting bankroll was the cash you could afford to lose. Chasing losses – especially after breaking rule #4 – will only cause you more grief.

Follow these casino strategy tips, sustain full-time discipline in every way, and you’ll have a longer, more entertaining experience with the highest chance of actually winning.

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