6 Oct

Microgaming secures rights for Highlander Movie Online Slots

Highlander Online Slot under development at Microgaming Studios.Highlander Online Slot

A very small percentage of movies ever make it to pop culture status. Such films enjoy a massive fan base and universal recognition unlike anything else. The Halloween movies, Jurassic Park/World series, and Terminator films are a perfect examples, transcending the test of time.

Interactive casino software developers love getting ink onto contracts with production companies to turn such theatrical icons into desktop and mobile compatible slot machines. Microgaming is famous for it, and their most recent agreement with Studiocanal S.A.S. is sure to pique the interest of cult classic sci-fi movie buffs all over the world.

Pop Culture Movie Online Slots

These days, Microgaming specializes in the development of online slots based on pop culture movie hits. If you’re familiar with some of their existing titles, you’ll recognize that all of the above mentioned movies—Halloween, Jurassic Park/World, and Terminator—are just a few of the company’s previously released movie-based slots titles.

According to a press release issued last week, Microgaming has secured the rights to develop a Highlander Online Slot game. Based on the original 1986 Russel Mulcahy film starring Christopher Lambert, the original theatrical release may have bombed at the box office, but it unleashed a cult classic following that inspired multiple sequels and television spin-offs.

Highlander Online Slot by Microgaming

As they motto goes, “There can only be one”, and that one now belongs to Microgaming. The company confirmed in a press release that it’s utilizing numerous qualities from the original film in the development phase.

The Highlander Slot will encompass the story of the immortal, centuries old Scottish swordsman, Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) in an epic battle set in 1980’s New York City. The game will feature a 243 Ways to Win pay schedule, and stylized rock soundtrack befitting of the theme.

Stephanie Kupperman is in charge of creative licensing at Microgaming. She shed additional light on the game’s pending symbolism, including the use of “many of the iconic characters” from the film. Aside from its timeless hero, the game will also feature MacLeod’s love interest, Brenda Wyatt (Roxanne Hart), and his arch nemesis, The Kurgan (Clancy Brown).

“We think fans are really going to enjoy revisiting this epic story, and seeing their favourite heroes and villains in game format,” enthused Kupperman.

David Reynolds, head of games publishing for Microgaming, is equally anxious to see the decades old cult classic come to life on the digital slots screen. “Highlander is seen as one of the great cult hits of the 80s. With its action-packed storyline and hefty rock inspired composition, it is a fantastic brand for an online slot,” intimates Reynolds.

“The game studio is busy completing the slot that captures all of the movie magic. The game’s features will incorporate the historical Scottish Highlands and gritty New York City, with a classic movie poster art style and blistering guitar tracks.”

Fans of the Highlander series will be glad to know they won’t have to wait long to get their hands on the desktop and mobile slots version. The company confirmed that the Highlander Online Slot will debut at Royal Vegas and other Microgaming powered online casinos on Wednesday, December 6, 2017.

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