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The Worst Casino Games to Play

Hardest Casino Games to Win: Difficulty versus loss rate.

Hardest Casino Games to WinSo you want to know what casino games are the hardest to win? Maybe you really enjoy a good challenge? Or maybe you’re just hoping to avoid them on your next romp through Vegas. Whatever the reason, before I can answer this, I have to explain something about the question itself.

You see, there are two basic connotations here. On the one hand, I could tell you about the hardest games. On the other hand, it might be the games with the lowest win percentage you’re looking for.

Since you can’t jump up and tell me which answer you seek, I’ll offer the next best thing. I’ll answer both questions.

Before I go on, you may also be interested in our previous segment on Easiest Casino Games to Win. (Spoiler: That one has three possible answers!)

What are the Hardest Casino Games to Win?

Hard Casino Games - BlackjackThe implications of this question have nothing to do with win vs. loss rate. In this context, the solution revolves around the hardest game to actually play, or to use proper strategy when playing.

You might not think so, but blackjack is actually one of the hardest games in a casino, from a winning perspective. The game itself is easy. The rules are simple. But applying proper strategy – especially card counting at a land-based casino – can be exhausting.

Blackjack is the only game where player’s can often turn the house edge into a player edge. Again, this requires intense card counting skills. The mental strain is often too much for most players, which is why there aren’t many professional blackjack players out there today. It doesn’t help that casinos can kick you out, and ban you from ever re-entering, if you’re caught doing it.

Even without counting cards, using a proper strategy isn’t so easy. You’ll need to do some research first, finding a strategy chart that aligns with the exact rules of the game you intend to play. Then, you’ll either have to memorize that chart, or refer back to it with every single hand you’re dealt. Odds are you’ll win more often for doing so, but it sure sucks the entertainment out of the game.

What are the Worst Casino Games by RTP?

Worst Casino Games - KenoIn this variation of the question, we’re looking to answer which games have the absolute lowest theoretical return to player, or RTP. That is, which ones have the highest house edge.

You’re probably expecting me to say slot machines, but that’s not the case. Keno is actually the worst casino game you can play. The house edge in a standard-rules keno game can range anywhere from an abysmal 25% to 29%. Ouch!

In a land-based casino, slot machines are second on the list. The RTP can vary from one casino to the next, and one machine to the next, but they are usually set to pay back between 85-92% (house edge 8-15%).

That’s not the case at online casinos, though. The average online slots’ RTP is 96%. That’s still lower than many table games, but slot machines are far from being the hardest casino games to win when playing online.

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