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Demystifying Gambling at Las Vegas Casinos

10 MGM Las Vegas casinos install GameSense to demystify gambling.

GameSense Demystify Gambling at MGM Las Vegas CasinosThere are two ways people typically look at a casino gambling experience. They either come into it hoping to win, but expecting to lose, or hoping and expecting to win. The difference between the two is the classification of a realistic entertainment gambler, and an at-risk problem gambler.

For decades, casinos were targeting the second variety. After all, the more players lose, the more the casino profits. Most operations probably did target such clientele in the past, along with the wealthy variety who don’t really care if or how much they lose.

Now days, endless statistics are readily available. Research studies reveal just how many full-blown problem gamblers and at-risk players there are. It doesn’t sit well with regulators, and it’s not sitting well with some casino corporations either. MGM Resorts is one such company.

10 MGM Las Vegas Casinos Install GameSense

Over the last two months, 10 Las Vegas casino properties owned by MGM Resorts underwent a physical and electronic renovation. They installed a large-scale program throughout each location known as GameSense. The campaign is highly visible throughout the properties, teaching and promoting responsible gambling habits.

MGM casinos all over North America are receiving the same upgrade. Their facilities in Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi and New Jersey also offer the GameSense program to all visitors. It’s not just there for those who want it, either. It’s so highly visible that you can’t miss it. Players who conduct any transaction through the casino’s branded MLife player club booths will learn of it, and have the opportunity to learn a lot more.

According to Alan Feldman, an Executive VP for MGM Resorts, teaching patrons to gamble responsibly is paramount to their business. Not because it harvests more profits in the short term, but because it creates healthy, repeat visitors for the long term.

“That is of absolutely no value to us at all,” Feldman referenced MGM’s new GameSense campaign. “There is no win in that for us. Our business is built on healthy customers enjoying themselves, their ability to afford it and their ability to return.”

Demystifying Gambling the Key to Success

The purpose of GameSense isn’t just to help problem gamblers seek treatment. Its purpose is to prevent players from ever needing treatment in the first place. The program is designed to demystify gambling – to teach them what it really is.

Gambling is a form of entertainment, like any other. The games are not designed to help players win. Expecting to win is the first step into a downward spiral. Expecting to lose, staying within a budget, and enjoying the entertainment value of it – that’s responsible gambling.

GameSense Kiosks educate players in this way, as well as teaching them how each game actually works. They also come with very useful gambling tips, presented in a quick and friendly way that anyone can comprehend. Such as:

  • Gambling outcomes are random. Play for fun instead of for the money.”
  • In the long run, you won’t lose if you play with money you can afford to lose.”
  • Don’t bring ATM cards with you to the casino floor. This helps you stick to a budget.”
  • It’s not cool to borrow from friends to gamble.”

Feldman explicates the responsibility model, and the company’s hopes, quite simply. “Set a budget, set a time limit, and enjoy yourself.” In essence, players must see gambling for the entertainment value it is.

“Once they go through that budget and they’ve had a great time, it’s fine that they walk away and leave,” said Taylor. “Hopefully, they’ll come back again and have a great time with us.”

Richard Taylor is the Director of Responsible Gambling for MGM. Even he said some things you wouldn’t expect to hear from a corporate casino director.

“When you go to gamble, you hope to win, but expect to lose.” Taylor hopes this catchphrase will catch on as more and more visitors take heed of the information.


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