30 Nov

CashCheck and PlayCheck Features at Royal Vegas

Keeping up with your transaction and gambling history at Royal Vegas.

Royal Vegas CasinoThink about your last visit to the casino. How much did you spend? How much did you win or lose? Chances are, you can remember, or at least estimate, those amounts. But what if I asked you how much you’ve wagered, won or lost in your lifetime? If you’ve hit the casinos at least a few times in your life, you’re probably scratching your head right about now.

If you happen to be a member of Royal Vegas Casino, all of this information is at your fingertips. In a matter of moments, you can view a complete history of all your financial transactions. You can even see exactly what games you’ve played, and how long you spent playing them.

Royal Vegas Transaction and Gambling History

Like most Microgaming powered online casinos, Royal Vegas provides its members with two unique services. One is called CashCheck, and it allows members to see all of their past transactions. The other is PlayCheck, which provides a history of all gaming activity.

CashCheck at Royal Vegas Casino

The CashCheck feature is found in the main lobby of Royal Vegas. To access it, visit the online casino on a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Log into your account with your usual ID and password. Then, from the start screen (lobby), choose My Account > Cashier > CashCheck.

Within this window, you’ll be able to view every deposit and withdrawal you’ve ever made. The list includes dates, payment methods, currencies, fees and all other balance adjustments.

Why Do I Need CashCheck?

There are two very good reasons why you should use the CashCechk feature.

First of all, CashCheck will help you be a more responsible gambler. No one wants to their gambling to spiral out of control. This feature will track exactly how much money you might be losing, and how quickly. Without seeing exactly how much we spend at an online casino, it’s easy to lose track. Visibility helps us claim ownership of our spending, promoting responsible gambling habits.

Secondly, CashCheck is the quickest way to identify fraudulent activity. If you suspect someone may accessed your account funds, you can compare the deposit and withdrawal times, dates, methods, etc. If they don’t match your records, something fishy is going on!

PlayCheck at Royal Vegas

Microgaming CashCheck Transaction and PlayCheck Gambling HistoryPlayCheck is very similar to CashCheck. It is also located in the main lobby of Royal Vegas. Log into your account and, from the start screen, choose My Account > Cashier > PlayCheck.

Instead of seeing your transactions, you will see your complete gambling history. It keeps track of all of your betting sessions, and can be sorted by various filters. PlayCheck can display every game you’ve ever played, when you played it, how long you played it, and total wins/losses.

Why Do I Need PlayCheck?

There are a few simple reasons why you might need this. Maybe you can’t remember the name of that game you enjoyed recently. Or maybe you’re not sure which version of blackjack you haven’t tried yet.

More importantly, PlayCheck is another great responsible gambling tool. Knowing how much time you’ve spent playing can remind you to take breaks.

It’s just as valuable as CashCheck in catching a thief, as well. If you suspect someone got a hold of your computer or mobile device and played games on your account, simply scan your gambling history in PlayCheck. If the games and times don’t match up to your own gaming sessions, someone has got some explaining to do!

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