16 Apr

Free Online Casino Games: From Nothing to Millions

Looking for some free online casino games? Well, there are many out there. In this article we will point you towards the best of them, focusing both on real money games that you can play for free and win real money on. Your parents may have told you that you can’t get something for nothing and there is a general consensus that you need to risk money to gamble. But that’s not true, as you will see.

Free Money on Gambling Sites

Online gambling sites want your business. But there are a great number of different sites out there all fighting for that business. It’s like a shopping mall that is filled with food shops selling exactly the same product. They know that there is very little separating them, they know that you have a lot of choice. So, they start offering freebies, as these get bigger and bigger. You go from coupons to free samples to free dinners and more.

The same applies to online casinos. They all have a similar product, they all have a strong place in the market, so they offer freebies as a way of luring you in and convincing that their online casino is better than another, duplicate online casino elsewhere.

These freebies come in many forms and that’s what we will take a look at here.

No Deposit Bonuses

These bonuses basically let you signup and play without depositing a cent and without even inputting your financial details. However, not all sites offer them and even the ones that do don’t always offer the best ones. That are no deposit bonuses out there that require you to give them your financial details and run some ID checks. They do this because they know that the majority of players will hit “Deposit” as soon as their no deposit bonus is gone.

After all, they want you to spend real money, so it only make sense. But you don’t need to settle for these sites because there are genuine no deposit sites out there. And when you join these you can use your bonus on games that have a low house edge, such as blackjack, in order to steadily build it up. If you have enough luck then you will make it through the play-through rate and will turn that bonus cash into real cash, which means you can withdraw.

We know of players who have turned $20 no deposit bonuses into hundreds of dollars. A friend of the site once turned it into over $500 in a matter of hours, before blowing that $500 on two roulette bets. This was reckless after going so far, but it shows you just what can happen.

Poker Sites

All poker sites have something known as a “Free-roll”. This basically lets you play for free, giving you a chance to win real money. There are often a lot of players and it takes a lot to get through these, but it’s free money and the players are also considerably more reckless.

The bigger the site, the better the free-roll is. However, even smaller sites have the occasional big free-roll, especially for new members. The biggest pots tend to be $1,000, which is split between the winners. You will need to beat hundreds, if not thousands of players to get this far and you will then earn your share, but if you work hard it is possible.

Chris Ferguson, a famous pro poker player, once did something he coined the $0 to $10,000 challenge, where he went from nothing to $10k. It took him 18 months, but he managed it. He began by playing free-rolls and then he moved onto cash games.

Not-Quite Free Online Casinos Games

The best bonuses are not no deposit bonuses. The best bonuses are actually package bonuses, which come in the form of both matched deposit bonuses and free spins. Sites like Royal Vegas Casino will give you 100% and often 200% of your first deposit. They will also give you a number of free spins.

Most players deposit at least $100 and they expect this. But to qualify, you only need to deposit $5 or $10. Your money will still double and you will still get the free spins. So, it’s very easy to quickly turn that $10 into $100, certainly much easier than it is to turn a no deposit bonus amount into that much money.

The Plan: How to Go From Nothing to Big Money

Based on what we said above, the best thing you can do is to start with a poker site. Play your way through a few free-rolls and spend a few days or even weeks trying to join as many as you can and see how your luck is.

Do not be reckless. In the opening hour, just play big hands, shoving when you have one (don’t worry, you will be called) and calling when someone else shoves. That way the field will drop by half by the time you hit the hour mark and you will stand a good chance of being in the money. When you hit the bubble start playing aggressively and stealing chips from people desperate to finish in the money. In free-rolls, this is even more common than in paid games, so they give up their chips easily.

When you have accumulated $50, take it to the casinos. Deposit $10 in each, taking whatever matched deposit bonus and free spins they give you. Do not be tempted to deposit more and just play through what you have. Focus on games of high payout blackjack, like Double Exposure Blackjack on Microgaming and Switch Blackjack on Playtech. You can also play some IGT slots, but avoid progressives and avoid older Microgaming titles.

Do the same with 5 casinos and eventually your $50 will turn into much more. We tried this ourselves and we actually got very unlucky, losing everything at 3 of the 5 casinos. But on one of those we had $20 by the time the play-through rate had finished and on the other we had over $250!

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