16 Apr

Online Casino Reviews: Can you Trust Them?

There is no shortage of online casino reviews out there. You can find them for every casino and you can find hundreds, if not thousands for each of those casinos. The bigger they are, the more of these reviews you will find. But there is a certain pattern to these reviews, a pattern that you may have noticed yourself and one that threatens to make this entire industry look dishonest.

However, if you know what to look out for then you know how to ignore these “fake” online casino reviews and find the ones that are entirely genuine.

Fake Online Casino Reviews: Affiliates

Spin Palace is a great example of this type of online casino review. If you look for Spin Palace Reviews you will see what we mean. On the one hand you will find a host of negative reviews from users on sites like TrustPilot. Here the general consensus is that this site should be avoided. There are even many that have listed it as a scam and have placed it on a blacklist. We personally wouldn’t go this far, but we have had bad experiences as well, so we can relate.

On the other hand, there are countless “review” sites that seem to rate it highly. So, why is this? Well, those sites are affiliates. They rate it highly because when you click the link and join the casino, they earn money. So, they don’t want to be honest because they don’t want you to think that this casino is anything but the best.

Sometimes “review” sites can get away with this. But in extreme cases, including Spin Palace, they can’t. Because when you have so many bad experience reports from players on the one hand, and many positive reports from sites on the other, it looks suspicious.

This is the most common type of “fake” online casino review, and it is one that frustrates us no end. In fact, it is the thing we created this website to try and stop. As gamblers, we were frustrated by seeing so many of these reviews so we decided to great a website that was honest. Yes we’re an affiliate, but at the same time we’re not telling you that the sites we affiliate with are flawless and completely perfect. We also play on them ourselves, and all of our writers have accounts. So, if they have an issue, you will hear about it.

Fake Online Casino Reviews: Company

There are other reviews out there to keep an eye on and these tend to appear on the sites like TrustPilot. They are often placed by the company themselves, or by the employees of those companies. There is a general consensus that the bigger the casino is, the less likely this is to happen. After all, why would they care about a few bad reviews or a bad overall rating?

Well, they care because even the slightest reduction in overall rating on sites like TrustPilot can have a hugely negative impact on profits. Not everyone pays attention to these sites or those reviews. But even if 1 in 100 did (and the real number is likely to be much higher) then the difference between a low overall rating and a high one could account for thousands of dollars in profit every day.

So, the company go out of their way to get reviews on these sites and to increase those ratings. This is not done by all of them, but it is seemingly done by the majority. Luckily, it’s easy to spot. If someone is posting a hugely positive review despite never posting anything else previously, then be suspicious.

After all, most people will only leave a review when they have something negative to say and the only people who tend to leave positive reviews are people who review on a regular basis. So, if someone leaves a review, if that review is positive, out of the blue and not followed or preceded by any others, then be suspicious.

How to Spot Genuine Online Casino Reviews

We have already given you some tips on how to spot genuine online casino reviews above. However, there is much more you can do. The first thing you should do is to focus on specialized and honest review sites like this one. You should also use TrustPilot, but as mentioned above. Of course, you have to consider that many people will leave bad reviews when they have a bad experience and will do nothing when they have a good one. But while this falsely impacts the score, the fact that their are fake reviews added balances it out.

Forums are the best way to get a genuine idea of what is going on with a particular site. You should also look for gambling and casino communities. Don’t just look at ratings–see what people are saying. Not all bad reviews are alike. For instance, you shouldn’t be put off by bad reviews that claim the software is rigged, even though you know it is Microgaming and you know it is audited. However, you should be out off by a single review from someone who claims to have been scammed.

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