22 Feb

If you’re Not American, Don’t Play at US Online Casinos

Trust online casinos that accept Canadian players, but not Americans.

The global online gambling industry is tremendous, and could be categorized in a plethora of ways. For today’s intent, we’ll group all internet casinos into 3 distinct classifications. There are those that do accept US players, those that don’t accept US players, and those that only accept US players.

Being Canadian, we don’t have to worry about that last one. We couldn’t play there if we wanted to. It’s the first two groups I want to focus today. One of them may provide a safe haven for Canadians, while the other could present a perfect boiling pot for impending disaster.

Online Casinos that Accept Canadian Players not Americans

Why Canadians shouldn’t Play at US Online Casinos

There are thousands of online casino sites on the web in 2018. In years past, US player acceptance was pretty much a given. It was the largest market for online gambling, generating billions of dollars in revenue for operators all over the world. But the US government’s attempt to crack down on illegal online gambling in 2006, followed by a much more successful run at it in 2011, changed everything.

The US is still a major source of revenue for iGaming, despite its prohibitive status in most states. Provide Americans with a place to gamble online, and they’ll do it. As of right now, there are about 450 known gambling websites accepting players from US states where iGaming is not authorized.

Some of these websites are much more trustworthy than others. Some offer a better game variety, more beneficial promotions, or better payment methods. But there’s one thing they all have in common, and that’s the fact that they’re not licenced and regulated by a reputable government.

The problem is that no reputable government will issue a licence to any internet gambling operator that accepts players from a jurisdiction where the activity is illegal. The only government regulators that will issue them a licence are places like Cambodia, Costa Rica, Curacao, Comoros, Cyprus and Panama.

These governments don’t do much, if anything, to regulate the industry. They don’t enforce standard compliance for security or player protections, and will not help any individual who is defrauded by one of their licenced operators. If an operator disappears or goes out of business, there’s no authority that’s going to step up and ensure players get their money back.

Gravitate to Online Casinos that Accept Canadian Players, but Not Americans

Your safest bet is to stick with online casinos that don’t accept US players, and are under strict regulation by a reputable jurisdiction. These include places like Alderney, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Malta and The UK. Any online casino that is licenced in one of these jurisdiction will not accept US players, and must be in compliance with all standard security, privacy, player protection and responsible gambling laws.

These qualities alone cover near 2000 online casinos. As Canadians, however, there are other advantages we should look for, as well. Obviously, Canadian player acceptance is paramount. The ability to deposit and withdrawal in CAD is another big one, eliminating potentially costly currency exchange fees.

Another thing to watch for are convenient and cost effective deposit options for Canadians, such as Interac eTransfers and iDebit eChecks. Both of these payment systems are based in Canada, making them faster, cheaper and more secure for our residents.

Last but not least, stick with tried-and-true online casinos that accept Canadian players. The longer an operator has been in existence, the more you can trust that it’s not going to vanish from cyberspace. This is just one of the many reasons I’ve put my trust in Royal Vegas Casino (est. 2000) for more than a decade.

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