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Royal Vegas Online Blackjack and Slots Tournaments

Daily online blackjack and slots tournament types, schedule and how-to.
International Slots League - Online Slots Tournaments

Unlike many internet casino websites, Royal Vegas hosts a full, daily routine of online slots and blackjack tournaments. They come in two varieties – Scheduled Tournaments and Sit’n’Go Tournaments, so there’s always some form of action to be had, any time, any day.

We’ll take a close look at the different types of tournaments, how they work, and how to get in on the action at Royal Vegas Casino.

Scheduled vs. Sit’n’Go Tournaments

Online blackjack and slots tournaments come in two basic forms – Scheduled and Sit’n’Go (SNG). Scheduled tournaments are those that occur at a specific time. Players can preregister for any event from the moment it appears on the roster, right up until start time.

SNG’s don’t operate on a schedule. Players can register for these any time, and as soon as there’s enough players registered, the event begins. They can happen all day, every day, so long as enough players are interested.

Cost of Entry – Fee vs. Freeroll

There are also two types of tournaments in regards to cost. The majority of online blackjack and slots tournaments are paid events, meaning each participant will pay the same fee to participate. Those fees (minus a small rake for the casino) make up the pot, or prize pool. The winner, or winners, based on the number of participants and pay schedule, will share in the pool.

Another type of tournament, known as a ‘Freeroll‘, is absolutely free to play. There will be a prize at the end – a small cash pool, bonus credits, free spins or other valuable reward – for the eventual winner(s). Some freerolls are open to every member of Royal Vegas, while others have entry restrictions, such as new members only, or maybe certain VIP levels.

How To Play Online Tournaments at Royal Vegas

International Slots League at Royal Vegas CasinoAs the flagship of the Fortune Lounge group of online casinos, Royal Vegas members are privy to online blackjack tournaments, as well as entry in slots tournaments via the world-famous International Slots League. These tournaments have been running for many years, and offer a daily schedule of events.

To participate, you’ll need an account at Royal Vegas, or one of their sister sites (7 Sultans, Platinum Play or Vegas Palms). Once logged into the casino, click the ‘Games View‘ tab, then open the Tournaments menu. Three options will appear:

My Tournaments: Click for tournaments you are currently registered in
Slots Tournaments: Click for list of online slots tournaments
Blackjack Tournaments: Click for list of available online blackjack tournaments

Choose the type a tournament (Slots or Blackjack), scroll through the list and select the one you want to enter. Click the Register button and follow the instructions from there.

How Online Slots Tournaments Work

Winning an online slots tournament requires fast play and a little good luck. When you enter a tournament, you are given so many credits to play with. Keep in mind, you’re not spending your own money with each spin (only the pre-paid entry fee), so speed is a good thing!

Players wrack up a score basedon how much they win during play time. The score is shown in the ‘Win Box‘ display. The player with the highest ‘Win Box‘ score when time runs out wins.

Note that some online slots tournaments offer a ‘Continue‘ button. In these events, players have the option to pay an extra fee to get more play time, in hopes of achieving a higher Win Box score.

If you don’t want to Continue, and don’t wish to compete against players who can use the Continue feature to beat your score, stick to ‘One-Shot‘ slots tournaments. These do not offer any type of re-buy or Continue option. When time is up, the winners take the pie, period.

How Online Blackjack Tournaments Work

Online blackjack tournament rules are a bit different. There are two ways to play – timed events and elimination events. For timed blackjack tournaments, the rules are simple. Keep on playing and when time is up, the player with the highest chip stack wins.

Elimination blackjack tournaments are trickier. You have to play strategically here, not just making the right moves, but taking risks you might not otherwise take, because if you fall behind, you’re out! These events are played over several timed rounds, and each time a round ends, half of the field is eliminated. This continues until there’s a single survivor standing.

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