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Royal Vegas Live Dealer Review

As part of the immense portfolio of Microgaming online casinos, Royal Vegas delivers a diverse selection of live dealer games to choose from. Live dealer games combine the realistic experience of a land-based casino gambling amusement with the expedience and convenience of online casino play. Members can log on from their desktop or laptop computers from the comfort of home and play the most popular table and card games with a real live dealer.

The online casino employs an ensemble of professional casino dealers and croupiers who work out of a large studio designed to mimic the appearance of a real brick-and-mortar casino; minus the abundance of players trafficking the arena. There are actual floor managers on staff to handle any discrepancies, just as they would in a land-based setting, but being professionally trained, all of the live dealer games run very smooth. With men being the most common visitors to Royal Vegas Casino’s live dealer tables, the croupiers are all lovely ladies with broad smiles and fervent personalities. Some of them are even Playboy Bunnies!

Live dealer games are available in Standard and Playboy formats, and are broadcast via real-time webcam direct form Microgaming’s trio of studios located in Argentina, Canada and the Philippines. Players can access the live dealer casino directly in their browser (instant-play) or by downloading the Royal Vegas casino software to their desktop. Thanks to a number of upgrades over the years, players can even access simultaneous tables, playing more than one table of the same game or different games all at once.

Standard Live Dealer Games at Royal Vegas Casino

The online casino offers the three most popular casino table games in live dealer format; baccarat, blackjack and roulette.

Live Dealer Baccarat

Players don’t really play baccarat since there are no decisions to be made during any hand. The rules of the game depict how each hand plays out. The player’s job is to predict which hand – Player or Banker – will end closer to 9, placing a bet on that hand, or the result being a tie. Bets on a winning hand pay 1:1 whereas a winning Tie bet pays 8:1. Live dealer baccarat offers three betting ranges of $10 to $100, $30 to $300 or $50 to $500. Royal Vegas also presents mobile live dealer baccarat, available on all iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Live Dealer Blackjack

Live dealer blackjack is played by the standard rules, using 8 decks of cards and paying 3:2 for a natural two-card blackjack. There is only one betting limit at the live dealer blackjack tables, ranging from $25 to $300. What separates the live dealer version from traditional online blackjack is the ability to ‘Bet Behind’. There is a Hot Streaks table feature in which all players who have won a notable amount of consecutive hands are listed. Players then have the option of betting on a hot streaking player’s next hand as if it were their own. The payouts are the same; 1:1 for a win, 3:2 for a natural blackjack. Royal Vegas is expecting to introduce mobile live dealer blackjack in the near future.

Live Dealer Roulette

The live dealer roulette tables are uniquely generated at Royal Vegas so that players will always have an open seat with their favorite croupier. Once the croupiers live table fills up, new tables are auto-generated to accommodate more players who can choose to view the live feed and play the wheel of any of the croupiers on staff. A traditional table diagram allows betting on all numbers, 0 through 36, and myriad combinations thereof, abiding by the favored rules and betting options of European Roulette with some French Roulette bets also on the table. Live dealer roulette offers the widest range of betting limits, including $0.50 to $10, $1 to $25, $2 to $50, $5 to $100 and $10 to $200. Royal Vegas will soon be adding mobile live dealer roulette to the menu, as well.

Playboy Live Dealer Games at Royal Vegas Casino

Royal Vegas is also one of a few exclusive online betting sites bestowed with the honor of presenting Microgaming’s premier Playboy Live Dealer Casino games, first introduced in 2013. The only difference is – as you might have guessed – all of the attendants aren’t just professional dealers and croupiers, they also happen to be certified Playboy Bunnies, all scantily clad in the quintessential Playboy Bunny uniforms. The betting ranges also vary somewhat from traditional live dealer games to Playboy live dealer games.

  • Playboy Live Dealer Casino Betting Limits
  • Playboy Live Dealer Baccarat: $10 to $100, $30 to $300, $50 to $500
  • Playboy Live Dealer Blackjack: $25 to $300
  • Playboy Live Dealer Roulette: $1 to $25, $2 to $50, $5 to $100

Best All Round Canadian Casino for 2017

Royal Vegas Canada is Canadian friendly, a legitimate brand and operator that has been our editorial pick for back to back years. Highly recommended for prospective Canadian gamblers.

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