14 Apr

Loyalty Rewards Program offered by Royal Vegas

With more than a decade of service behind them, Royal Vegas has had plenty of time to carve out a unique and wholly rewarding loyalty program for its members. Every real money player at the online casino collects special comp points towards their loyalty status – points that can be converted into real cash along the way – but the value of those points increases as members climb the VIP ladder. Simply put, the more one plays, the more free cash one can earn.

Royal Vegas Loyalty Rewards Program

Players earn points by wagering credits on various types of online casino games at Royal Vegas. The following chart depicts how points are awarded based on the game of choice and the number of credits wagered. For Canadian players at Royal Vegas, 1 Credit is equal to $1.00 CAD. Players can cash in their points in increments of 5,000, with every 1,000 being worth $1.00.

Types of Games at Royal Vegas Credits Wagered Points Earned
Online Slots 1 1
Table Games* 5 1
Roulette/Sic Bo* 10 1
Baccarat/Craps 20 1
Video Poker* 20 1
Blackjack 20 1
Classic Blackjack 100 1
All Aces Video Poker 100 1

*All variants except those specifically mentioned in the chart.

For example, if a player wagers $10 at any table game except for roulette, sic bo, baccarat or craps, they would receive 2 points. Games that require higher wagers to receive points generally have a lower house edge, or can be played with a heightened strategy to decrease the house edge. For this reason, Classic Blackjack and All Aces Video Poker have the lowest points rewards of 1 point per $100 credits wagered.

Benefits of a Higher VIP Status

If every member of Royal Vegas Online Casino were to receive the same rewards, whether they were a regular high roller or played only a few games a week, it wouldn’t make things very interesting. To accommodate everyone, from penny slots enthusiasts to big spenders, Royal Vegas offers a four-tier VIP schedule that ranges from Silver and Gold, to Platinum and Diamond. The higher the tier, the more comp points a player receives for betting on their favorite online casino games. Points are calculate on a monthly basis, thus the level one achieves in the previous month will correlate with the rewards they are offered in the following month.

Royal Vegas Silver VIP Status

The Silver VIP Status is immediately granted to all new members of the online casino who sign up a real money account. To help new players make their way to a higher status, the first deposit instantly delivers 2,500 points absolutely free. Silver members are encouraged to reach the second tier of Gold (or higher) in this first month as they will generate points faster at a higher tier, thus making it easier to maintain the elevated status throughout their membership with the online casino.

Silver VIPs are able to trade their points for cash and are eligible to take part in monthly promotions geared towards all players. However, they will not receive accelerated points generation, monthly loyalty bonuses or bonus points for playing at the online casino on their birthday.

Royal Vegas Gold VIP Status

The online casino bestows the Gold Status on any player that generates 10,000 to 24,999 points in a calendar month. The major benefit of a higher VIP status is faster point generation for all credits wagered. Gold VIPs get a 5% boost in points, so generating 100 points would actually translate to 105. If a Gold member sustains their level for 90 calendar days, they will also receive a monthly loyalty bonus of 10,000 points to help them maintain and/or elevate their status in the following month. When Gold members play on their birthday, they receive a 25,000 points bonus, instantly qualifying them for Platinum status in the next calendar month.

Royal Vegas Platinum VIP Status

Members of the online casino must earn 25,000 to 74,999 points in a month in order to move up to the Platinum VIP status, wherein their points generation is accelerated by 10% (10 additional points for every 100 collected). Sustaining Platinum for 90 days earns a massive 30,000 points bonus; nearly half of the amount needed to jump to the highest Diamond VIP level. A birthday bonus of 50,000 points is also awarded to Platinum members who play on their birthday.

Royal Vegas Diamond VIP Status

The ultimate loyalty rewards are delivered to Diamond level VIPs at Royal Vegas who generate at least 75,000 points in a calendar month. Not only do they receive the highest accelerated points generation rate of 15%, they are also privy to a massive monthly loyalty bonus of 50,000 points every time they sustain their status for 90 days, and a huge birthday bonus of 100,000 points.

Linking Fortune Lounge Loyalty Rewards Programs

If a player has an account at Royal Vegas and at least one other Fortune Lounge casino, they can manually link the accounts to share the points and VIP status across all platforms. This is done by logging into the casino, going to the My Rewards tab and choosing Manage Points. The player can then select which online casino account they want to link and press the Next button. The casino will ask for the login details for each linked account. Once provided, the accounts will be successfully linked.

Best All Round Canadian Casino for 2017

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