16 Apr

Royal Vegas Mobile Casino

Royal Vegas Casino has won a lot of respect from players for its commitment to staying up to date with the latest trends. It’s one of the oldest real money online casinos out there, but it hasn’t used that as en excuse to be lazy and is constantly on top of new trends, including mobile casinos.

The Royal Vegas mobile casino was one of the first to be launched and found its way onto this top real money casino more or less as soon as it was developed by Microgaming. In this guide we will look at this mobile casino, covering all the basics and tell you just what makes it different, if anything at all.

What is the Royal Vegas Mobile Casino?

The Royal Vegas mobile casino is basically a version of the software that you can play on your mobile device. In the early days, it was clunky, it was awkward and it wasn’t very good. The games that were available were cheaply made emulations of desktop games and it was all rushed out to cater for a growing market.

This was out of Royal Vegas’s hand and was all down to Microgaming, who developed the software. Fortunately, it changed over the years and as the mobile market grew, the software improved. Not only did they make it more powerful and more intuitive, but they added hundreds more games. These games included emulations of desktop games, but they also included exclusive titles that you could only play on the mobile software.

It was developed by Microgaming, but it was thanks to the efforts of casinos like Royal Vegas that it was improved upon and for the last few years now this has been one of the best mobile casino platforms around, winning countless awards and receiving countless recognition for its efforts.

How to Download the Royal Vegas Mobile Casino

You can download this casino software via the Royal Vegas site. In fact, that’s the only way you can do it as there is no software in the Apple App Store for it and Google won’t allow real money gambling in their app store. You won’t get anymore benefits downloading it than you would just playing it through your browser, so you may be better off doing that.

To play through your browser you just need to sign-up, sign-on and then play. There are hundreds of games to play and you can access them instantly and play them without any problems. You will need to make sure you have a somewhat powerful device, but most of it is down to your internet connection. This needs to be pretty fast in order to keep up with the bandwidth and to ensure that you can play without interruption.

If you are worried about the speed of your connection then try to download the software instead. This will help to limit the bandwidth and it will also limit the strain on your device. It’s not going to turn a weak connection into a strong one, but it will give you a little more room and could be the deciding factor that lets you play without complications and without too much buffering.

Bonuses on the Royal Vegas Mobile Casino

One of the best things about mobile casinos is that there are many bonuses created exclusively for them. These bonuses often revolve around free spins and that’s how they began, but you can also find many matched deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses and more, all relating to mobile casinos.

The reason these exist is because the developers spend a lot of money getting this software out there and the casinos spend a lot of money getting it up on the site. So, they want you to play it; they want you to switch from desktop to mobile device. To make this happen they start offering all kinds of bonuses.

On Royal Vegas you should look to signup and play on the desktop side first. Take your bonuses, play through them and then wait. After some time you will likely get an invitation to signup to the Royal Vegas mobile casino. They will offer you an incentive to do this, which will probably come in the form of a free spins bonus and/or a matched deposit bonus.

If it doesn’t come, then it’s time to be proactive. Email them and tell them that you were contemplating making the switch to their mobile casino. Ask them if there are any incentives to do so and let them know that a rival casino offered you extra bonuses if you made the switch. Tell them you would prefer to stick with Royal Vegas if possible and then wait for the offer to come in.

Loyalty Schemes and More

You can still earn loyalty points when you play on the Royal Vegas mobile casino. This applies both to the Royal Vegas loyalty scheme and to the Fortune Lounge one. There is no specific loyalty program for mobile devices, not yet anyway, but there are some offers and “Happy Hour” days in which you can earn double points by playing through your mobile.

To learn when these are just make sure you tick the box to allow marketing emails when you signup. These days we all subconsciously un-tick these boxes in an effort to avoid spam, and rightly so. But with online casinos you need these emails to learn about things that you would otherwise miss, from loyalty program specials to new bonuses, new games (which can come with free spins) and more.

Best Games on the Royal Vegas Mobile Casino?

Most of the games you can find on the main Royal Vegas casino can be found on the mobile casino. However, they have yet to turn the older titles and less popular titles into mobile games, so you wont find these. There are also many new games created exclusively for mobile.

Some of our favorites include classics like Football Star, which looks great on mobile, and Avalon II, which actually seems to work better on mobile than it does on the desktop side of things. There are many newer, mobile-only games being released all of the time though so keep an eye out for these and you might discover a new favorite.

Best All Round Canadian Casino for 2017

Royal Vegas Canada is Canadian friendly, a legitimate brand and operator that has been our editorial pick for back to back years. Highly recommended for prospective Canadian gamblers.

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