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Royal Vegas Live Chat & Support Review

Royal Vegas Live Chat & Support Review 2017I’ve been a member of Royal Vegas Casino for many years. I’ve dealt with their customer support representatives, both in live chat and email support, on several occasions. If asked to provide a Royal Vegas live chat and support review off the cuff, I’d say they’re great, but I’d also have to admit I haven’t conversed with them in quite some time.

It’s been at least a year since I’ve had any reason to contact support. I’ve had no issues with my account. All deposits and withdrawals have been executed seamlessly. But it would be irresponsible of me to write a review of Royal Vegas support options based on antiquated experiences.

So, to expedite a current Royal Vegas live chat and support review, I decided to test it out all over again.

I came up with some important questions new users might be inclined to ask before signing up an account. We’ll begin with live chat support, since it is the quickest way to get an answer.

Royal Vegas Live Chat Review 2017

I opened a live chat support with Royal Vegas on July 17, 2017, at 11:25am. It took 3 minutes to be connected with a support agent named Anthony. You’ll notice I was as specific as possible in posing my question:

11:28 Me: Hi, I wanted to know if I purchase a prepaid Visa gift card (physical card, not virtual voucher) can I use it to make a deposit at Royal Vegas Casino? I’m in Canada.

11:33 Me: Hello?

11:36 Anthony: Thank you for holding.

11:36 Me: There you are, hi.

11:36 Anthony: Unfortunately that payment method is not an option at this time.

11:37 Me: Okay, thank you that’s all I needed to know

11:38 Anthony: Okay and hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

11:38 Me: You too, thanks

Chat Disconnected

First off, I have to say I was disappointed that Visa gift card deposits aren’t available. I know they aren’t listed under deposit options, but a lot of operators will work with customers to employ alternative payment methods through support or over the phone. That’s obviously not the case.

Secondly, I wasn’t too thrilled with how long I had to wait. It took 3 minutes to be connected with a support rep, and that was fine. But waiting another 8 minutes to get any kind of acknowledgment? I was about to close the chat window, assuming it froze.

On a positive note, however, Anthony was able to provide a clear and knowledgeable response to the question, and was perfectly courteous in doing so. And 11 minutes wait time is nothing compared to the time it took to get a decent answer out of email support…

Royal Vegas Email Support Review 2017

Email support is something we use when we don’t need an immediate response. We know it’s going to take a few hours at best, up to 2 days at worst.

Bearing that in mind, take a look at what happened when I posed these ‘newbie’ questions using the Contact > Email link from the Royal Vegas website on July 7 2017 at 4:53pm.

Me: Hi, I’m thinking of signing up an account. Just a few questions first.

1. I wanted to double check that players in Ontario, Canada are accepted?

2. What are the wagering requirements, max cashout limits and expiration date on the first deposit bonus?

3. Last, if I use Flexepin to deposit, can I still choose iDebit as my preferred withdrawal method? Or do I need to deposit first with iDebit to use it for cashing out?


On July 8, at 9:40pm (almost 29 hours later), I received this reply from ‘Brendon’:

Royal Vegas Support: Our casino group consists of multiple casino’s.

In order to advise you effectively , may I request that you advise us of the casino you are looking to register with…

Now remember, I sent the support query from Royal Vegas. Like anyone else, I assumed they would know this. Holding back my annoyance, I replied:

Me: Oh, okay. I sent the question from Royal Vegas Casino, I didn’t know it was going to support for a full group of casinos.

6 hours later, I received this in reply from a new support rep named ‘Anthea’:

Royal Vegas Support: I have checked our systems using the details provided and I am not locating any account for you. Could you please double check the account or provide me with alternative details?

After more than two days of back-and-forth emails, I was beyond perturbed at this point! I didn’t hold back.

Me: Are you serious? Did you read my first email – my reason for contacting support? I said:

“Hi, I’m thinking of signing up an account. Just a few questions first.”

So, no, I do not have an account, I wanted to “sign up” an account, with Royal Vegas Casino (as I specified in the second email). But before I do…

[I repeated the questions here]

This time, the reply came within one hour, and yet again from a different rep named ‘Chris’.

Royal Vegas Support: I have looked at the question and here are the answers :

1. We do accept players from anywhere in Canada

2. The promotional credits, depending on the type of credit that is received, has a wagering requirement of (your bonus amount) X 40- 50.

[Chris defined wagering requirements at length, directing me to the terms and conditions link for more info]

3. We dont accept flexpin as a deposit method but we do pay withdrawals to echeck and accept deposits from Echeck

Chris is obviously a lot more knowledgeable than Brendon or Anthea. However, his lengthy (4 paragraphs!) description of wagering requirements failed to answer one part of Question #2, in which I asked about the “max cashout”.

Overall, I was terribly disappointed with email support. This casino has many superior qualities, but if you need to ask a question, Royal Vegas Live Chat is the only way to go!

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