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The Most Profitable Casino Games Explained

Gambling Logistics: Easiest casino games to win, and more.

Easiest Casino Games to WinAre you preparing for an upcoming trip to the casino? Maybe you’re looking into joining an online casino, and have a few questions. I’d be willing to bet that one of the has to do with the easiest ways to win money.

No one takes a trip to the casino, or logs onto Royal Vegas, without hoping to win some cash. We know there’s every chance that we’ll end up losing, but why not try to increase our odds of profitability? So today, we’re going to discuss the topic. Just maybe not in the way you had expected.

The truth is, there are three ways to pose the question, each delivering distinctly contrasting answer. You could ask, what are the easiest games to win? Or, what are the most profitable casino games? Alternatively, you may be looking for games that you can win more often while paying.

Let’s examine…

What are the Easiest Casino Games to Win?

Easy casino games to winThis question isn’t nearly so simple as it sounds. It could elude to a desire for easy casino winnings. However, in the existing context, it implies that the payer is seeking an easy game that they can win on.

If you’re looking for easy casino games to play (with the highest profit potential, of course), there’s nothing easier than baccarat. There is no extraneous thought process required here. Bet on the Banker every time and cross your fingers. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Betting the Banker in baccarat comes with a theoretical return to payer (RTP) of 1.06%. That’s way better than you’l get on any slot machine. The average online slots will deliver a 96% payback rate. Play at a land-based casino, and it could be anywhere from 85-92%.

What are the Most Profitable Casino Games?

Most Profitable Casino GamesWhile the question sounds similar on the surface, there’s a deeper, underlying request here. This question not only implies a desire to win, but a desire to win an exorbitant amount of money.

The most profitable casino games of all are generally those with progressive jackpots. Caribbean Stud and Progressive Blackjack are the only common table tables to possess them. Otherwise, you’ll need to head back over to the slot machines. Make sure to look for the ones with largest progressives jackpots.

For online gamblers, it doesn’t get better than Microgaming’s Mega Moolah. This game seeds at $1,000,000 and grows (rather rapidly, I might add) until it’s struck.

What Casino Games Win Most Often?

Frequent Winning Casino GamesThis question opens up a whole new can of connotations. Once more, the overall intent is to make money, but the context suggests is that a player wants to win as often as possible.

Playing such a game won’t guarantee a profit – nothing does in casino gambling. However, it can make a bankroll last longer, presenting more opportunities to profit.

If that’s what you’re looking for, I have to point you towards the blackjack tables. I’d also stress the importance of employing basic strategy. Playing by gut instinct might be more entertaining, but if your true purpose is to win more hands, optimal decisions must be made.

Blackjack, when played with perfect strategy, is clearly not one of the easiest casino game to win. In fact, it’s among the hardest games to win. Not because it’s hard to win, but because you’ll need to employ constant brain power to do it.

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